December 8, 2017

The Iowa Lion: December 2017 / January 2018

In this issue of The Iowa Lion

  • Lions Establish Branch Club After Moving Into Retirement Village (Pg 1)
  • Why Aren’t Young People Joining Lions? (Pg 2)
  • MD9 Pin Designs Wanted Soon (Pg 4)
  • Get Your Gala Tickets Now (Pg 4)
  • A Day in the Life of an Eye Bank Technician (Pg 6)
  • Iowa Past International Director Dies (Pg 7)
  • Stamp Program is Special Project for District 9MC (Pg 10)
  • Thank You for Your Gifts (Pg 21)
  • MD9 Mid-Winter Lions Leadership Conference is Fast Approaching (Pg 22)
  • Free Hearing Aid Benefit for Lions Members in Iowa (Pg 22)
  • Lions Leave Mark on Prairie City With All Three Levels of Centennial Legacy (Pg 24)
  • Red Oak Lions Quilt Show (Pg 26)

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