Organizational Chart

Lions Clubs of Iowa Council of Governors

(Based on the 2020-2021 Who’s Who)

Council Chairperson:  PDG Judy Stone

Council Chairperson Pro Tem: DG Darwin Meyer

Secretary/ Treasurer:

District Governor 9EC: DG Stan Stanfield

District Governor 9MC: Vacant

District Governor 9NC:  DG Darwin Meyer

District Governor 9NE:  DG Richard Congdon

District Governor 9NW:  DG Roger Curtis

District Governor 9SE:  DG Bryan Bross

District Governor 9SW:  DG Sheri Holliday

Iowa Lions Foundation Organizational Structure

President: Lion Mark Miller

Vice-President: PDG Glenn Markley


Executive Secretary: PID Gary Fry

District 9EC Trustee: Lion Phil Larabee, Lion Thomas

District 9MC Trustee: Lion Steve Halstead, Lion John Kerber

District 9NC Trustee: PDG Lisa Prochaska, Lion Marian Gerhls

District 9NE Trustee: Lion Dennis Litterer, Lion Chris Waring

District 9NW Trustee: PDG Glenn Markley, PDG Dale Schoening

District 9SE Trustee: Lion Davie McGregor, PDG Nancy Slack

District 9SW Trustee: PDG Greg Schuler, Lion Christopher Wilkins