May 7, 2024

The Iowa Lion: May 2024

Norwalk Lions heat the pots for cooking shrimp and live lobster.

In this issue of The Iowa Lion magazine:

  • Patience Required During Portal Roll Out (Pg 1)
  • Iowa Lions Leadership Summit Flyer (Pg 3)
  • Fort Dodge Evening Lions 50th Anniversary Invitation (Pg 4)
  • State Convention: Bringing Lions Together for Impactful Change (Pg 5)
  • MD9 Iowa Lions LCIF State Convention Fundraiser (Pg 5)
  • Washington Y Kids’ Summer Camp Supports Lions (Pg 6)
  • Guthrie Center Lions Centennial Celebration Invitation (Pg 10)
  • Pivoting on a Dime…Lions Adapting Through History (Pg 18)
  • Club Collaborate to Serve Community (Pg 20)
  • Nature or Nurture (Pg 22)
  • Iowa Lions State Convention Registration Form (Pg 23)
  • Norwalk Lions Serve Up Fun and Food Every Year (Pg 24)
  • District 9EC Convention Pics (Pg 26)
  • District 9SE Convention Pics (Pg 27)
  • District 9NW Convention Pics (Pg 28)

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