June 16, 2017

Iowa Lions Foundation Meeting January 6, 2017


Mid-Winter Conference
Airport Holiday Inn
Des Moines, IA 50321

Iowa Lions Foundation- Meeting for Friday, January 6, 2017
At: Mid-Winter Conference; Ballroom South
Time: 8:00 A.M.
Foundation Dress Code: Casual

1. Call to Order Pres. Zane Vokes
2. Pledge to the Flag Trustee Christine Hackett
3. Invocation Trustee Terry Hoefle
4. Roll Call Exec. Secretary PID Gary Fry
5. Additions to the Agenda Pres. Zane Vokes
6. Approval of Agenda Pres. Zane Vokes
7. Minutes of October 8, 2016 Executive Secretary PID Gary Fry
8. Replacement of Vice-President Pres. Zane Vokes
9. State Office Report SA Tim Wilson
10. Financial Report SA Tim Wilson
11. Frank J. Honigman Beneficary SA Tim Wilson
12. KidSight Up Date PCC Jerry Inman
13. I gave pin Pres. Zane Vokes
14. Third Quarter Payments SA Tim Wilson
15. Up Date on Direct Depositing of Funds Pres. Zane Vokes
16. Warren Coleman Pins SA Tim Wilson
17. Ebersol Trust
18. Disbanded Clubs with Transport Miles Pres. Zane Vokes
19. Investment Committee members Pres. Zane Vokes
20. Iowa Lions Foundation Fiscal Agency Form Trustee Christine Hackett
21 a. Additions to the Agenda
22. Gala Update Paul Hain
23. Council of Governor’s Comments CC Terry Durham
24. Final Comments Pres. Zane Vokes
25. Adjournment Pres. Zane Vokes


***** DRAFT COPY*****

Mid-Winter Conference
Airport Holiday Inn
Des Moines, IA 50321

The third meeting of the Iowa Lions Foundation for 2016-2017 was called to order by President Zane Vokes at 8:00 AM. Trustee NE Christine Hackett led the Pledge to our Flag and President Vokes offered the invocation.

Executive Secretary Gary Fry conducted Roll Call with the following in attendance: President Zane Vokes; Executive Secretary Gary Fry; Treasurer Tim Wilson; Trustee EC Art Matje; Trustee MC Allen Ricks; Trustee MC Steve Halstead; Trustee NC Gary Schriver; Trustee NE Christine Hackett; Trustee NW Ken Hayward.; Trustee SE Alan Olson; Trustee SE Gary Vandenberg; Trustee SW Alan Zobel; Trustee SW Pat Parker, CC Terry Durham. PID Judy Hankom; PID Brian Sheehan; DG Dr. Bill Shutters; PCC Jerry Inman; Hearing Aid Bank Coordinator Chris Waring; Iowa Lions eye Bank Director Dr. Cindy Reed; Lion Kristin Glockhoff; PDG Gary Glockhoff; DG Paul Hain Jr.; VDG Doug Welton; VDG Dave Mc Gregor; Lion Phil Horn; DG Jack Schlesselman; and Iowa Lions Eye Bank Central Iowa Coordinator Ellie Engelbrecht.

President Vokes asked for additions to the agenda. Dr. Cindy Reed requested time to speak and Chris Waring did also. Trustee EC Art Matje moved to adopt the agenda as amended. Trustee NW Ken Hayward seconded. Agenda was adopted as amended.

Exec. Sec. Fry presented the minutes of the October 8th meeting as sent out. Trustee SW Alan Zobel moved to accept and file. Seconded by Trustee SE Alan Olson. The minutes of the October 8th meeting were accepted and put on file.

Due to the resignation of Vice President Reba Reed, President Vokes open nominations for a replacement: Trustee MC Steve Halstead was nominated. Trustee EC Matje moved to close the nominations. Trustee MC Allen Ricks seconded. Motion carried. Trustee SE Olson moved to cast a unanimous ballot for Trustee Halstead. Trustee SW Zobel seconded and the motion passed.

SA Tim Wilson shared the State Office Report. A copy of that report is included in the addendum to these minutes.

SA/Treasurer Wilson gave the Financial Report. Trustee NW Hayward moved to accept and file the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Trustee Matje EC and upon the vote the Treasurer’s Report was accepted and put on file.

SA/Treas. Wilson reported on the Frank J. Honigman donation. Lion Honigman was a Dubuque Lion prior to his death earlier this Fall. The Foundation is one of 33 beneficiaries of this estate. Trustee EC Matje moved to name SA Wilson and President Vokes to be the contact people on this estate’s legal forms. Trustee SE Olson seconded. Motion carried. Trustee SW Pat Parker moved to adopt the legal resolution required. Trustee MC Halstead seconded and the resolution of record was adopted.

PCC Jerry Inman updated all on happenings within the Iowa KidSight program, (copy of report in the addendum.)

President Vokes led discussion on the I GAVE Pins. Discussion centered on whether to continue. Information was shared that the sale of pins nets $3000-5000 each year. Consensus was to continue the pins for 2017-18.Trustee MC Ricks moved to continue the I Gave Pins, with SA/Treasurer Wilson to check on cost for less than 1000 pins (based on findings he is to select the number of pins that is most cost effective) and also select the color for the 2017-18 pins. Trustee EC Matje seconded and the motion passed.

MD 9 LCIF Chairperson PDG Gary Glockhoff presented a brochure that is being developed to be used to encourage Lions to make direct deposit contributions to both LCIF and the Iowa Lions Foundation. With a couple of minor changes still needed, the final version will be sent to President Vokes for sharing with the Board. During the discussion, the question of a receipt for donations on this form and for I Gave pins was discussed. Consensus was that more information was needed on the legal requirements to issue receipts. Request made that research be done and this topic be brought up at the Spring meeting.

SA/Treas. Wilson commented on Warren Coleman Pins. We now have Lions who have exceeded the sixth pin. Discussion was over adding pins 7-10. Trustee SW Parker moved to purchase 10 pins each of pins 7-10 of the Progressive Warren Coleman Honorary Award series. Trustee MC Halstead seconded and the motion carried.

Lion Phil Horn commented on the actions of the Investment Committee. The Committee was planning a meeting for later in the day. Because of the current strength of the markets, investment returns look good. One of the members of the Investment committee has indicated he does not want to continue when his term expires June 30, 2017. President Vokes and SA Wilson are to develop an announcement to be placed in the “Iowa Lion” and on the website seeking applications for the three year position. He also commented on the inability of the Ebersol Trust group to meet with the administrators of the Trust. Committee members shared frustrations on the ability to get administrators to meet with the owners of a $1.5 million valued Trust. Further attempts will be made for Lion Horn, SA Wilson and Exec. Sec. Fry to meet with the representatives prior to the Spring meeting.

DG Paul Hain Jr. reported on the plans for the 2017 Gala. The Fifth Annual Iowa Lions Foundation Gala will be held on Saturday February 18, 2017 at Hotel Kirkwood on the campus of Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids. Requests have been given to each District to provide 5 items for the silent auction. Tickets are available from DG Hain for $60 each.
CC Terry Durham commented on the Council Meeting held the previous evening.
Much of the discussion was over plans for the “Iowa Lion” to go digital on July 1, 2017. To date there have been less than 500 requests for a print copy. Costs to print limited copies of the paper will be secured and a final decision on the future delivery of the “Iowa Lion” will be made in April. We have lost 1% of our membership since July 1. The Council urges all Lions to push for new members and especially to look to develop new clubs. The Council approved a Centennial Legacy Project with goal of raising $65,000 for new equipment for the Iowa Lions Eye Bank. DG MC Dr. Bill Shitters to develop the action plan to reach this goal by June 30, 2018. Three candidates announced intentions of seeking the position of Council Chairperson for 2017-18: DG Paul Hain Jr.; PDG Garry Vokes; and PDG Pat Parker.

Trustee NE Christine Hackett shared a draft of a Fiscal Agency form to be used by clubs seeking approval to use the Foundation EIN number to obtain grants. Some suggestions were offered and an updated version will be sent to all Trustees at a later date.

Iowa Lions Eye Bank Executive Director Dr. Cindy Reed thanked the Trustees for their continued support of the Eye Bank. The Eye Bank is involved in a project to turn skin cells into stem cells for developing corneas. A new development has been the changing of a Lions Eye Bank out west into a for profit research facility to also develop new corneas. This corporation is seeking investors which could greatly alter Lions Eye Banking as we have known it. She will continue to keep the Board advised of further developments.

Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank Coordinator Chris Waring shared a report on activities of the Bank. Aids collected are up 284 from a year ago. Bank has a fair number of aids for audiologists to choose from but the fund for reconditioning and purchase of aids is declining. Signage to promote hearing aid collection along with eye glass collection is available. Many changes over the last six years. Many of the aids turned in today are not aids by have receivers which is an additional cost in fitting. Trustee SW Parker moved make the requested changes in the application form with the addition of a phrase stating coverage is up to $150 per aid. Trustee EC Matje seconded and the motion carried.

Trustee SE Olson asked for a clarification of what happens to miles driven for Tissue Transport when a club folds. Trustee MC Halstead said that when a member transfers from one club to another they start accumulating miles for their new club when they are reported as a member of the new club. Miles accumulated by the disbanded club are lost. Some discussion was held but no changes were brought forward.

President Vokes asked for comments from PID Brian Sheehan our International guest for the weekend. He complimented the Trustees on their ability to get a lot covered in a short amount of time. He also purchased an I Gave pin.

President Vokes asked for final comments. She reminded Trustees to contact their entities to obtain budget requests for 2017-18. A committee of SA Wilson; Trustee EC Matje, Exec, Sec Fry and President Vokes was appointed to develop special recognition for the 4000th Warren Coleman Honorary Award recipient being anticipated before the end of this year.

President Vokes up seeing no further business to come before the Board declared the