January 5, 2017

Council Of Governors Meeting January 5, 2017


Council of Governors Meeting
January 5, 2017 7:00PM
Holiday Inn- Airport, Des Moines

1. Pledge CC Terry Durham
2. Invocation CC Durham
3. Roll Call SA Tim Wilson
4. Adoption of Agenda CC Durham
5. Approval of previous Council Meeting Minutes SA Wilson
6. Financial Report SA Wilson
7. Past International Director Comments PID Judy Hankom
8. Iowa Lions Foundation Report Pres. Zane Vokes
9. State Office Report SA Wilson
10. Lions Centennial Celebration PID Gary Fry
11. MD9 Legacy Project CC Durham
12. Global Leadership Team PCC Ardie Klemish
13. Global Membership Team CC Durham
14. Editorial Board PCC Diana Benzing
15. Long Range Planning PCC Bill Pollard
16. Constitution and By-laws PDG Herman Kopiztke
17. Iowa KidSight PCC Jerry Inman
18. ALERT Lion Larry Olk
19. Information and Technology Lion Ed Schaeffer
20. Youth Exchange PDG Sheri Holiday
20A. LEO Program PDG DeEtta Rasmussen
21. State Lioness Lioness Nancy Johnson
22. LCIF PDG Gary Glockhoff
23. Mid-Winter Conference PDG Zane Vokes
23A. State Pins DG Paul Hain
24. Council Chair Declarations CC Durham
25. For the Good of the Order CC Durham
26. Adjourn


*****DRAFT ONLY*****

Council of Governors Meeting
January 05, 2017
Airport Holiday Inn

CC Terry Durham called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM on Jan.05, 2017.

CC Durham led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the Invocation.

SA Tim Wilson conducted the roll call with the following in attendance: CC Terry Durham; DG EC Robert Rhinehart; VDG EC Jim Bixler; DG MC Bill Shutters; DGE Judy Stone; DG NC Lisa Prochaska; VDG Darwin Meyer; DG NE Jack Schlesselman; VDG Ed Ottesen; VDG NW Paul Thompson; DG SE Paul Hain Jr.; VDG Nancy Slack; VDG David McGregor; DG SW Ken Klemish; DGE Chris Anderson; PID Judy Hankom; PID Gary Fry; PCC Ardie Klemish; PDG Herman Kopitzke Jr ; PDG Ron Hankom; PCC Jerry Inman; PDG Connie Inman; PDG Pat Parker; PCC Diana Benzing; PCC Don Maynes; PDG Zane Vokes; PDG Art Matje; PDG DeEtta Rasmussen; PDG Gary Glockhoff; PID Brian Sheehan and Lion Lori.
CC Durham called for adoption of the agenda. Proposed additions:
LEO Program as 20A and State Pins as 23A
Motion by DG NC Lisa Prochaska to accept the agenda as amended
Second by: DG NE Jack Schlesselman. Motion carried

SA Wilson offered the minutes of the Council Meeting of October 22, 2016 as sent out.
Motion by DG MC Bill Shutters to accept the minutes.
Second by DG NE Schlesselman. Minutes were accepted.

Financial Report – SA Wilson reviewed the December budget recap.
Motion by DG SE Paul Hain to accept the financial report.
Second by DG NE Schlesselman. Motion carried.

Iowa Lions Foundation – President Zane Vokes, PDG
The second quarter disbursements have been paid.
42% of Budget raised so far this FY.
Pres. Zane reminded everyone of the Gala next month-tickets are on sale.
She announced that there is an Investment committee position open at the end of the FY. Interested members should send their resume to the State Office.

State Office Report – SA Wilson – report on file
One highlight SA Tim pointed out is the completion of the office lighting project. Everything looks great.

PID comments- PID Judy Hankom- report on file
2018 District Convention dates are needed from two districts.
Thank you for DG’s nominations for awards

Centennial Committee- PID Gary Fry
Clubs are urged to report all of their activities. So far this year 293,000 people served by the Iowa Lions.
Centennial Activities reviewed-on report
Bus to International Convention-sign up forms
-2 locations (Des Moines and Waterloo) A third location is being discussed.
Centennial Committee will have Legacy Project. This will be discussed at the January committee meeting in Ames.
There are Melvin Jones Centennial Pins available for purchase for $6.
PDG Art Matje has completed the Iowa Lions Centennial Song.

MD9 Legacy Project – CC Durham
DG Shutters presented case for $65,000 Legacy Project.
NE & NC feel $65K is a stretch, but SE feels it can be done,
It was mentioned that it doesn’t have to be done until the end of the 2017-2018 year.
EC & NE VDG & MC DGE are in favor of proceeding with current project. It was agreed to stay with the $65,000 Legacy Project.
CC Durham suggested there should be an action plan. DG MC Shutters & DGE MC Judy Stone will chair.

GLT- PCC Ardie Klemish
There will be VDG & 2 VDG Training on Friday afternoon.
We need to really encourage new leaders & build new leaders
Reminder that DGE Training to be held in May 2017 in Pleasant Hill.
DGs should work with GLT members
Encourage future district leaders to attend Great Plains Lions Leadership Institiute-
July 21- 23, 2017 Northwest MO. State
USA/Canadian Forum is in Portland, Oregon in September 2017.
PCC Ardie reminded the DGEs and VDGs that the district GLT & GMT positions are to be filled starting July 1, 2017 for a three year term.
Quarterly Reports need to be filed district GLT Coordinators
The recent ALLI-Graduates in attendance were recognized.

GMT – CC Durham
Current membership is 8560 members
We need to utilize New Club Consultants
Need to make sure all Quarterly Membership Reports are filed for the second quarter.
As was decided at the October Council Meeting the MD9 CHAT program has been
reinstated and there is a meeting with all CHAT members on Friday.

Editorial Board Report- PCC Diana Benzing
A Board member has resigned and Lion Dr. Janelle Hawk from the Marshalltown Evening Lions Club will fill the position.
Iowa Lion-
PCC Benzing presented her list of members who have requested a printed copy of the IOWA LION. The list included approximately 400 members.
The recommendation from the Board is to stop printing the IOWA LION except for those on the list.

Motion by DG MC Shutters to stop printing the IOWA LION and allow those on the list to receive a printed copy and allow members to be added upon request.
Second by DG NE Schlesselman.
After a discussion on gathering more information.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to table motion
Second by DG SE Hain Jr. Motion carried.

Long Range Planning-PCC Pollard-report on file
The Committee met in December and an Iowa Lions Incentive Plan was introduced by a member of the Des Moines Outreach Lions Club. Currently there are incentive programs with Brooks Bothers and DELL. Others to be announced are cellphone plans and GM purchase program.
Recommendations from the Committee report:
Promote a Giving Tuesdays plan statewide. Encourage more individuals to give.
Use a Membership “Cookbook” developed by the Des Moines Outreach Club. It
will help promote Lions fundraisers and club programs. Build communication among clubs.
The Lions of Iowa need and are strongly encouraged to support the Centennial Committee and Centennial activities.
Need to focus on Club Member retention more.
Create a State Public Relations Chair position.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to create State PR Chair position.
Second- none. Motion died for lack of a second.
It was suggested that an Ad Hoc committee by appointed to research the best way to establish a State PR Chair. CC Durham will make appointments to the Ad Hoc committee.
The LRP committee also recommended using to encourage member participation in club meetings. This website enables you to send digital invitations to members to remind them of upcoming meetings and events.
CC Don Maynes- made comments on research of generations, millennials are now
the largest generation. Lions need to communicate with them.

Constitution and By Laws -. PDG Kopitzke
PDG Kopitzke will write an amendment to the article of the Constitution that outlines the Council Chair Election to change the timing of the election.

Iowa Kidsight – PCC Inman- Report on file.
PCC Inman reminded everyone that it only costs the KidSight Program $7.28/child.

ALERT – Report on File

Information and Technology- No report

Youth Exchange – No report

LEO- PDG DeEtta Rasmussen
PDG DeEtta expressed that her LEO Co-chair experience has been tremendous!
She encouraged DG teams to ensure they have a LEO Chair on their cabinets.
There will be a LEO seminar on Saturday of conference.

Lioness – No report

LCIF – PDG Gary Glockhoff
PDG Gary presented the latest version of the brochure for recurring donations to Iowa Lions Foundation and online payments to LCIF. The front cover photo will be changed to an Iowa KidSight photo. Consensus was to proceed with the program.

At this point a short break was taken to sing Happy Birthday to CC Durham

Mid-Winter Leadership Conference- PDG Zane Vokes
As of the Council meeting there are 197 registered to attend the Conference.

State Lions Pins- DG SE Pail Hain
DG Paul expressed his thoughts on not having enough State Pins for the DGEs to take to the International Convention. Suggested the Council think about ordering more.
Motion by DG SE Hain Jr. to purchase additional pins.
Second by DG EC Robert Rhinehart. After discussion the motion Failed.

CC Declarations- CC Durham polled the current DGs to declare their intentions of running for 2017-2018 Council Chair.
PDG Pat Parker and PDG Garry Vokes have also declared their intentions to run.

International Guest- PID Brian Sheehan
PID Brian predicted we will have a great weekend! He thanked the DG teams for stepping forward to be leaders.

For the Good of the Order
CC Durham asked the DGs & VDGs to read the program for their assignments
He also reminded the DGs they all stated their goals at the beginning of the year. Please make sure you complete them
State Award nominations are due by February 28, 2017. Please get them turned in on time.
DGEs and VDGs should be working on their cabinets for 2017-2018.
DG Shutters announced that District MC will be hosting a Mental Health Symposium
DGEs and VDGs were reminded that there will be DGE training in February in Minnesota

CC Durham adjourned the meeting at 10:02 PM