October 22, 2016

Council Of Governors Meeting October 22, 2016


Council of Governors Meeting
October 22, 9:00AM
Pleasant Hill, Iowa

1. Pledge CC Durham
2. Invocation CC Durham
3. Roll Call SA Wilson
4. Adoption of Agenda CC Durham
5. Approval of previous Council Meeting Minutes SA Wilson
6. Financial Report SA Wilson
7. 3rd International Vice President Endorsement PID Hankom
8. SA Contract CC Durham
9. State Office Report SA Wilson
10. Iowa Lions Foundation Report Pres. Zane Vokes
11. Lions Centennial Celebration PID Gary Fry
12. Global Leadership Team PCC Klemish
13. Global Membership Team PDG Durham
14. LCIF PDG Gary Glockhoff
15. Iowa Lions Kidsight PCC Inman
16. Mid-Winter Conference PDG Zane Vokes
17. Policy Manual Review CC Durham
18. Constitution and By-Laws PDG Kopitzke
19. Women”s Regional Workshop PDG Connie Inman
20. Editorial Board Report PCC Diana Benzing
21. LEO Clubs PDG DeEtta Rasmussen
Lion Becky Wachowiak
22. ALERT Lion Larry Olk
23. Youth Exchange PDG Holiday
24. State Lioness Lioness Nancy Johnson
25. MD9 Legacy Project DG Bill Shutters
26. For the Good of the Order CC Durham
27. Adjourn



Council of Governors Meeting
October 22, 2016
Sleep Inn, Pleasant Hill

CC Terry Durham called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM on October 22, 2016.

CC Durham led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the Invocation.

SA Tim Wilson conducted the roll call with the following in attendance: CC Terry Durham; DG EC Robert Rhinehart; VDG EC Jim Bixler; DG MC Bill Shutters; VDG Judy Stone; VDG Karen Puffett; DG NC Lisa Prochaska; VDG Darwin Meyer; DG NE Jack Schlesselman; VDG Ed Ottesen; VDG Doug Welton; Interim DG NW Paul Thompson; DG SE Paul Hain Jr.; VDG Nancy Slack; 2VDG Dave McGregor; DG SW Ken Klemish; VDG Chris Anderson; PID Gary Fry; PCC Ardie Klemish; PDG Gary Glockhoff; Lion Larry Olk; PDG Zane Vokes.
CC Durham called for adoption of the agenda.
Motion by DG MC Bill Shutters to accept the agenda with addition of State Pins.
Second by: DG NC Lisa Prochaska. Motion carried.

SA Wilson offered the minutes of the Council Meeting of August 6, 2016 as sent out.
Motion by DG EC Robert Rhinehart to accept the minutes.
Second by DG SW Ken Klemish. Minutes were accepted.

SA Wilson reviewed the September Budget Recap. The question was raised that the income from dues didn’t match what it should be. SA Tim stated at the end of September, one District still had not paid the State dues. They have been paid.
Motion by DG MC Shutters to accept financial report.
Second by DG SE Paul Hain Jr. Motion carried.

CC Durham read the PID report from PID Judy Hankom. Report is on file.
PID Judy asked the Council to endorse PID Judge Haynes Townsend for 3rd International VP Candidate. A bio for PID Townsend was sent out to everyone.
Motion by DG NE Jack Schlesselman to endorse PID Townsend for 3rd International VP.
Second by DG NC Prochaska. Motion carried.
Formal letter of endorsement signed by the MD9 Council sent to Lions Clubs International

SA Contract
Motion by DG MC Shutters for the Council to go into Executive Session.
Second DG NE Schlesselman. Motion carried. Council went into Executive
Session at 9:12AM.
Council came out of Executive Session at 9:21AM.

SA Wilson reviewed the State Administrator’s Report. Report on file.
He announced the name of the new office assistant, Marcia Devilbiss and stated she is doing a great job.

Iowa Foundation Report – President, PDG Zane Vokes presented her report. Report on File
She announced that all the 1st Quarter payments were made.
She announced the date for this year’s Gala, Feb. 18, 2017. Keep checking the Iowa Lion
for details.
She gave a check to SA Tim, Treasurer of the Foundation, in the amount of $60.00 from VDG Judy Stone.

Centennial Celebration Report – Report on File
PID Gary Fry highlighted what the Centennial Committee discussed at their latest meeting.
There are a few Districts that have students participating in the Centennial Speech Contest
District 9NE is lining up a bus to the International Convention
A Multiple District bus to the International Convention will have information and
signup at Mid-Winter
A Legacy Project has been proposed to the Committee and they have endorsed a
project of $30,000. The amount would be split between the Lions Clubs of Iowa,
The Iowa Lions Foundation and Clubs/ Personal Donations
The Committee is encouraging all Clubs and Districts to get involved with the
Quilt show scheduled for the State Convention
A Car & Tractor show is being planned for the State convention, if space is
available. This show will be limited to vehicles between the years 1917-1928.
The Committee expressed concern that there is not a lot of interest in Centennial
activities. They urged the Council to promote the Centennial.

PCC Ardie Klemish reviewed her GLT Report. Report on File
There is ongoing VDG Training
Conducted Cab. Sec./Treas. Training by teleconference
PCC Ardie participated in the Women’s Regional Workshop
Helped conduct the GMT/GLT Summit
The Area DGE Training will be held Feb. 25, 2017 in Minneapolis.

CC Durham reviewed his GMT Report. Report on File.
He helped conduct the GMT/GLT Summit held on October 8th.
He spoke about the Iowa Lions current membership, and stated that membership
for the year is still positive. He also reminded the Council that lack of members
affects finances for clubs. The less money the club has the less people are helped.
He encouraged each District Governor Team to develop 3 year plan for
CC Durham restated that our membership is only 23.5% women and 57 Lions
Clubs in Iowa are all male clubs.

State LCIF Coordinator, PDG Gary Glockhoff, reported on the new Club LCIF Coordinator position created by LCIF. He urged the Governor teams to start encouraging their clubs to appoint someone. PDG Gary updated the Council on the LCIF/Iowa Lions Foundation Donation Program he proposed at the last meeting. LCIF is not on board feeling there enough ways to donate to LCIF. He asked the Council to approve moving forward to develop a brochure for the program.

Motion by DG EC Rhinehart to move forward with developing a brochure.
Second by DG NE Schlesselman. After a short discussion the motion carried.

SA Wilson informed the Council that there are currently only 7 state pins left at the State Office. He asked if the Council would like to order more. After a brief discussion there was no action taken.

SA Wilson read off KidSight statistics forwarded to him from KidSight Coordinator, Lion Lori Short. Report on file.

State Convention Planning Committee Chairperson, PDG Zane Vokes presented the Mid-Winter report
The schedule of events is being finalized. Entertainment on Friday evening will be The
Raccoon River Boys. The International Speaker for the event is PID Brian Sheehan from
PDG Zane stated the contracts for Mid-Winter 2018 and 2019 were in place with the
Sheraton in West Des Moines. SA Wilson reviewed the numbers from the Sheraton and
how they compared to the other bid from the Holiday Inn Des Moines Airport. It was also
stated that by January 2018 all guest rooms and conference rooms will be remodeled.
Motion by DG EC Rhinehart to approve the contracts for Mid-Winter 2018
and 2019 with the Sheraton of West Des Moines.
Second by DG NC Prochaska carried. Motion carried.

The Policy Manual was reviewed by the Governors prior to the meeting and asked by CC Durham to come to the meeting with any changes they felt needed to be made.
DG SE Paul Hain Jr.
A4- Update Parade Dress
Motion by DG SE Hain to change the parade dress to Blue Polos & Khaki
Second by DG NE Schlesselman. Motion carried.
A7- Election of CC
It has been determined that the Constitution must be changed to change the timing of the
CC election.
Motion by DG SE Hain to write a proposal to change the CC Election.
Second by DG EC Rhinehart. Motion carried.

DG MC Shutters stated the only item in Section C was C10. This is tied to Section A7 so when the Election of the CC is changed C10 will have to be changed.

DG SW Klemish had a question about D1. Advertising of State Committee Chair positions. SA Wilson assured the Council that the positions will be advertised in the February IOWA LION. This will include the State GMT and GLT Coordinators.
D4- Outbound Youth Exchange does not match what is listed in the Who’s Who.
D7- State Youth Exchange Chair. SA Wilson explained this is the position that is selected and voted on by the Council at the first Council Meeting of the year.
D10- LCIF- Add “3 year term”
E1- State Fair Booth- Should state, “State Fair Booth to be coordinated by CC and SA.”
Motion by DG SW Klemish, Section D4 to state “Lions Opportunities for Youth Chair”
Second by DG SE Hain Jr. Motion carried.
Motion by DG SW Klemish, Section D10 add “Three year term”.
Second by DG MC Shutters. Motion carried.
Motion by DG SW Klemish, Section E1 to state, “State Fair Booth to be coordinated by CC and SA.”

Sections F, G and H, no changes.

DG NE Schlesselman section B3 says Leadership but should be Membership.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman, Section B3 to change the word Leadership to Membership.
Second by DG NC Prochaska. Motion carried

Recessed for lunch at 11:51AM
Reconvened at 12:20PM

Constitution and By Laws – No oral report
Written report on file

Women’s Regional Workshop – Report on file.
DG NC Prochaska highlighted PDG Connie Inman’s report on the Workshop.

No oral Editorial Board report – Report on file
CC Durham did bring up the fact that there were 57 IOWA LION copies returned to the State Office in one day. SA Wilson said about 2/3 were for members that have moved. The State Office needs to know if people move or transfer to another club.

No oral LEO Club report- Report on file
It was announced the Exira LEO Club would be inducting 27 new LEOs
The new AC/GC LEO Club will hold a charter night on Nov. 16- 40 members

No oral ALERT Report – Report on File

Youth Exchange – No report

State Lioness – No report

DG MC Shutters proposed a MD9 Legacy Project. He offered a list of items that the Iowa Lions Eye Bank would like to have and suggested the Council pick from that list of projects. The cost for the Legacy Project would be split between Lions Clubs of Iowa, Iowa Lions Foundation and Club and personal donations.
Motion by DG MC Shutters to support Legacy Project of $65,000.
Second by DG SW Klemish. No Discussion, motion carried.

For the Good of the Order-
It was mentioned that the Muscatine Lions Club and the Marshalltown Evening Lions Club each have reading magnifiers
Don’t forget about the MC Convention on Nov. 4-5th and the SW Convention, Nov. 11-12th.

CC Durham reminded the Council of the house fire that Hearing Aid Bank Coordinator, Lion Chris Waring had. He informed everyone that the Foundation has decided to purchase insurance on the hearing aid machine that Chris uses.

PID Gary- Congratulated everyone, on behalf of the PIDs, on the current membership numbers.
He stated we still need to focus on starting new clubs and using new club consultants.
There is also concern about attendance at Lions events in MD9. A few examples recently are the attendance at the Des Moines Outreach Lions Club Charter, Registrations for the MC and SW Conventions.

Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to adjourn.
Second by DG SW Klemish. Motion carried.
CC Durham adjourned the meeting at 1:26PM.