August 6, 2016

Council Of Governors Meeting August 6, 2016


Council of Governors Meeting
August 6, 2016
Pleasant Hill, Iowa

1. Pledge CC Durham
2. Invocation CC Durham
3. Roll Call SA Wilson
4. Adoption of Agenda CC Durham
5. Election of Council Chair Pro-Tempore CC Durham
6. Approval of previous Council Meeting Minutes SA Wilson
7. Appointments (Long Range Planning, Personnel and Equipment) CC Durham
8. Financial report and present 2016-17 budget SA Wilson
9. Adoption of 2016-17 budget CC Durham
10. 9NW Interim Governor Reimbursement CC Durham
11. PID Comments PID Judy Hankom
12. State Office Report SA Wilson
13. Iowa Lions Foundation Report and Budget Pres. Vokes
14. Global Membership Team CC Durham
15. Global Leadership Team PCC Klemish
16. USA/CANADA Lions Leadership Forum PCC Klemish
17. Centennial Celebration Committee PID Fry
18. Lions Clubs International Foundation PDG Glockhoff
19. Iowa Lions Kidsight PCC Inman
20. Editorial Board PCC Benzing
21. Women’s Regional Workshop PDG Connie Inman
22. ALERT Lion Larry Olk
23. Diabetes Lion Larry Bartlett
24. State Lioness Coordinator Lioness Nancy Johnson
25. Mid-Winter Conference PDG Zane Vokes
26. Constitution and By-Laws PDG Kopitzke
27. Iowa Lions Youth Exchange Camp PDG Holliday
28. Iowa Lions Youth Exchange Officers CC Durham
29. ID Candidate Declaration CC Durham
30. Goals and Objectives CC and DG
31. For the Good of the Order CC Durham
32. Adjourn


Council of Governors Meeting
August 6, 2016
Sleep Inn, Pleasant Hill

CC Terry Durham called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM on August 6th, 2016.

CC Durham led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the Invocation.

SA Tim Wilson conducted the roll call with the following in attendance: CC Terry Durham; DG EC Robert Rhinehart; VDG EC Jim Bixler; DG MC Bill Shutters; VDG MC Judy Stone; DG NC Lisa Prochaska; VDG NC Darwin Meyer; DG NE Jack Schlesselman; VDG NE Ed Ottesen; 2VDG NE Doug Welton; DG SE Paul Hain Jr.; VDG SE Nancy Slack; 2VDG SE David McGregor DG SW Ken Klemish; VDG SW Chris Anderson; PID Judy Hankom; PID Gary Fry; PID Dave Stoufer; PCC Ardie Klemish; PDG Sheri Holiday; PCC Jerry Inman; PDG Connie Inman; PDG Gary Glockhoff; PCC Bill Pollard; Iowa Lions Foundation President Zane Vokes; Lion Karen Puffett
CC Durham called for additions or corrections to the agenda.
Policy Manual Review-DG SE Paul Hain
Emailed Reports— DG EC Robert Rhinehart
Motion by DG MC Bill Shutters to accept the agenda
Second by: DG SW Ken Klemish. Motion carried

CC Durham announced the appointment of DG NC Lisa Prochaska as CC Pro-Tem
Motion by DG SE Hain to approve DG Prochaska as CC Pro-Tem.
Second by DG NE Schlesselman. Motion carried.

SA Wilson offered the minutes of the Council Meeting of June 2, 2016 as sent out.
Motion by DG NC Prochaska to accept the minutes.
Second by DG EC Rhinehart. Minutes were accepted.

CC Durham presented the Personnel and Equipment Committee Appointments of VDGs Jim Bixler and Chris Anderson to join DGs Rhinehart and Shutters.
Motion by DG MC Shutters to approve appointments.
Second by DG SW Klemish. Motion carried.

Appoint DG Jack Schlesselman and IPDG Dr. Gene Noonan to the Long Range Planning Committee.
Motion by DG NC Prochaska to approve appointments.
Second by DG SE Hain. Motion carried.

CC Durham asked for approval of PDG DeEtta Rassmussen and Lion Becky Wachoviak as State Co-LEO Chairs
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to approve.
Second by DG EC Rhinehart. Motion carried.

SA Wilson presented the July Financial Report to the Council. Budget Recap on File
Motion by DG MC Shutters to accept.
Second by DG SW Ken Klemish. Motion carried.

CC Durham and SA Wilson presented the 2016-2017 Lions Budget Proposal. Some line items were changed.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to approve the budget with changes.
Second by DG MC Shutters. Motion carried with DG SW Klemish voting NO

CC Durham proposed that since 9NW currently has no District Governor that VDG Paul Thompson be reimbursed for Council Meeting expenses.
Motion by DG MC Shutters to approve proposal.
Second by DG NC Prochaska. Motion carried.

PID Comments – Judy Hankom spoke about:
IP Corlew bus tour in September right after USA/Canada Forum. He will be stopping in Des Moines, Mount Pleasant and Davenport.
IP Corlew will hear about our service activities, have a meet and greet with the Iowa Wesleyan Campus Club and there will be a dinner in Davenport.

There will be a GMT-GLT summit held on Oct. 8 at the Pleasant Hill Library from 1PM to 5PM.
Some things she wanted to present to the Council of Gov.
-Member Satisfaction and Retention
-Family & Women’s Specialist for each District
-Membership Grants

S.A Wilson presented the State Office Report – Report on File

ILF – PDG Vokes – Report on File.
First Foundation meeting was held on July 30th
The 2016-17 Foundation Budget was approved at the meeting.

LCIF – PDG Gary Glockhoff
Encouraged Personal Giving to LCIF. Presented an idea for members to have a tool to give. No action was taken.

GMT – On File.
Membership is the number one concern
There are losses already for this year
Work on the New Clubs
Women’s Regional Workshop
EC is having a Membership Contest

PCC Ardie Klemish- GLT Report is on file. She spoke about GPLLI and the representation that the Lions of Iowa had there. She also reminded everyone of the vacancies on the DG teams.

USA/Canada – PCC Klemish reminded everyone that volunteers are still needed.

PID Gary Fry Centennial Celebration. Report on File. Some highlights are:
Speech Contest
State Convention in 2017
Hickory Golf- outing in LaPorte City on Sunday Aug. 7th.
International Convention Buses – $220/per person
Fall 2018 Retreat

IA Kidsight – PCC Jerry Inman. Report on file.

Editorial Board. Report on file.
New IOWA LION editor, Lion Desiree Dixon, was introduced by CC Durham.

Women’s Regional Workshop – PDG Connie Inman
Updated the Council on the workshop in September.
PDG Connie asked that each District pay for their representative’s hotel room costs which was determined to be $89.95 each.

Meeting was recessed for lunch at 12:15PM
Meeting reconvened at 12:50PM

ALERT – Update on Chair Larry Olk’s health by VDG NC Darwin Meyer

Diabetes – Chair Unavailable

Lioness – Judy Stone in for Nancy Johnson
Lioness Peach Sale
6 new members to Lioness

PDG Zane Vokes, State Convention Planning Committee Chair. presented the 2017 Mid-Winter budget. Budget is on file.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to accept the budget.
Second by DG MC Shutters. Motion carried.
Mid-Winter schedule update. Discussion about allowing alcohol in the Hospitality Room.
Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to keep the format as in the past. No alcohol.
Second by DG MC Shutters. Motion carried.

Constitution and By Laws – proposal from Chair, PDG Herman Kopitzke was read to council.
Proposal was tabled to acquire clarification.

ILYE Camp – PDG Sheri Holliday
Report on 2016 Iowa Lions Youth Exchange Camp held in July. Very successful camp.
Next year’s budget will be available at the next Council Meeting
Next year’s Youth Exchange Camp will be held- July 16-22, 2017 at Camp Wesley Woods.

PDG Holliday told the Council she is willing to stay on as President and proposed the Council approve: Secretary- Becky Wachoviak and Treasurer- SA Tim Wilson
Motion by DG NC Lisa Prochaska to approve the proposed officers
Second by DG SW Klemish. Motion carried.

Policy Manual – DG Paul Hain and DG Robert Rhinehart proposed reviewing policy manual
Some of the concerns are the CC Election they feel is too late in the Lions year. And need to review the State Office hours.

Iowa Lions CLOUD – Discussion centered around members not being able to access all documents. It was suggested that better communication is needed and SA Wilson to write up and send out detailed instructions on how to access documents.

CC Durham read a letter from PCC Ardie Klemish announcing her intention to seek the nomination to be an International Director candidate. SA Wilson reminded the Council that any Iowa Lion member has until September 8th to announce.

9MC – 1 new club; reduce the drop rate by 10%, 75 males and 75 females
9SE – net growth of several members, new campus clubs
9SW – 1 new club (2 areas)
New Club in Granger
+ 1 net gain
9EC – Branch Club Expansion of Coe College
New Club in Durant
+4 net gain
9NE – +2 net gain
New Club at Hawkeye Comm. College
Work to salvage dropped club
9NC – +1 net gain
Visit ALL Clubs
New Club in Kanawha
Booth at Ellsworth Community College
CC – Utilize resources to get new members and new clubs.
Encourage clubs to work on Centennial Service Projects

Motion by DG NE Schlesselman to adjourn.
Second by DG SW Klemish. Motion carried.
CC Durham adjourned the meeting at 2:13PM