July 30, 2016

Iowa Lions Foundation Meeting July 30, 2016


AMES, IA 50010

Iowa Lions Foundation- Meeting for Saturday July 30, 2016
At: Best Western Conference Room, Ames, IA
Time: 1:00 P.M.
Dress: Casual Business

1. Call to Order Pres. Zane Vokes
2. Pledge of Allegiance Trustee Art Matje
3. Invocation Trustee Allen Olson
4. Introductions Pres. Zane Vokes
5. Roll Call Executive Secretary Gary Fry
6. Additions to the Agenda Pres. Zane Vokes
7. Approval of Agenda Pres. Zane Vokes
8. Minutes of June 3, 2016 Executive Secretary Gary Fry
9. Tissue Transport Program Trustee Steve Halstead
10. State Office Report SA PDG Tim Wilson
11. Gala Report Phil Larabee
12. Financial Report SA PDG Tim Wilson
13. Projected Budget 2016-17 Pres. Zane Vokes
14. First Quarter Payments SA PDG Tim Wilson

14A. Additions to the Agenda

15. Final Comments Pres. Zane Vokes
16. Adjournment Pres. Zane Vokes



The first meeting of the 2016-17 Foundation year was called to order by President Zane Vokes at 1:00 PM in the Conference Room at the Best Western Hotel in Ames. Trustee EC Art Matje led the Pledge of Allegiance and Trustee SE Alan Olson offered the invocation.

President Vokes had everyone introduce themselves.

Executive Secretary Gary Fry conducted Roll Call with the following in attendance: President Zane Vokes; Vice President Reba Reed; Executive Secretary Gary Fry; Treasurer Tim Wilson; Trustee EC Kathy Rhinehart; Trustee EC Art Matje; Trustee MC Allen Ricks; Trustee MC Steve Halstead; Trustee NC Gary Schriver; Trustee NC Dennis Lee; Trustee NE Christine Hackett;; Trustee SE Alan Olson; Trustee SE Gary Vandenberg; Trustee SW Alan Zobel; CC Terry Durham; PDG Gary Glockhoff; Lion Phil Larabee; PDG Garry Vokes; and 1st VDG Jim Bixler.
Not present Trustees NW Terry Hoefle and Ken Hayward; Trustee NE Dr. Gene Noonan

President Vokes called for additions to the agenda. Additions to the Agenda. Review of Policy Manual; September 18th, Trustee assignments.

Trustee EC Art Matje moved to adopt the agenda as amended. Trustee NC Gary Schriver seconded the motion. Upon the vote the agenda was adopted as amended.

Exec. Sec. Fry presented the minutes from the June 3rd meeting as sent out. Trustee SE Alan Olson moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Trustee EC Kathy Rhinehart. Minutes were approved and filed.

Trustee Steve Halstead reported on the Tissue Transport Program. Central Iowa transporters have driven 557,742 miles to date since the program started in June 2009. 93 Warren Coleman Honorary Awards have been presented as a part of the transport program. Eastern Iowa transporters have driven 235,901 miles to date and 25 WCAs have been awarded. He reported that the number of transfers to Wisconsin has decreased because the Wisconsin Eye Bank is now cutting some of its own tissue. More tissue is being transported out of Ames again.

SA PDG Tim Wilson reported on happenings at the State Office. The 2016-17 Who’s Who hopefully will be emailed to all Iowa Lions with current emails the week of August 8th. It is important that the State Office have a correct email on file for Lions who have an email. He installed the new officers of the Bondurant Lions Club, served on the staff at the Iowa Lions Youth Camp; served on the staff at the Beep Baseball World Series; and helped develop the budgets for the Council and Foundation for 2016-17. He is currently searching for an office assistant.

Lion Phil Larabee reported on plans for the 2017 Iowa Lions Foundation Gala to be held February 18, 2017 at the Kirkwood Hotel at the Kirkwood Center in Cedar Rapids. He also discussed preliminary plans for the Galas through 2020. Trustee NC Dennis Lee moved to approve the ticket cost of $60 per ticket, the selection of Curt Tomasevicz as the speaker aand a menu of grilled sirloin as in the past for the 2017 event. Trustee SW Reba Reed seconded and the motion was approved.

PDG Gary Glockhoff led a discussion on direct depositing to the Foundation and LCIF. The feeling is that more money will be donated to the Foundations if we have the capability of taking credit and debit cards. Today many people do not carry any amount of cash and many do not have checking accounts. It was felt that many might also make direct deposits monthly to the Foundations if such an option was presented. Future depositors would not have to be Lions. After much discussion Trustee NC Lee moved to table further discussion until the October 8th meeting. Trustee MC Steve Halstead seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer SA Wilson shared the current financial report. He reviewed the June end of year recap. Districts were able to raise 96.2% of their projected budget amounts in 2015-16 Trustee NC Schriver moved to adopt and file the Financial Report. Trustee SW Allen Zobel seconded and upon the vote the report was accepted and filed.

Treasurer Wilson presented the proposed budget for 2016-17. A copy of which is attached to the minutes. Trustee SE Olson moved to adopt the 2016-17 Foundation Budget. Seconded by Trustee SW Reed and the 2016-17 budget was adopted.

Treasurer Wilson asked for approval to pay the first quarter payments to the various entities as established in the budget. Trustee SW Zobel moved to make the First Quarter payments at the end of September. Trustee NC schriver seconded. Authorization was given to make the payments at the end of September.

Exec. Sec Fry requested that a review and updating be done on the Foundation Policy Manual prior to the October meeting. President Vokes appointed Trustees Reed, Olson and Halstead to do this review. Trustee NC Lee moved to confirm the appointments and establish the ad hoc committee. Trustee EC Matje seconded and upon the vote the committee was established.

Exec. Sec. Fry reported that Lions clubs International President Chancellor Robert Corlew would be visiting Iowa on September 18th immediately following the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Omaha. He will be making stops in Des Moines and Mount Pleasant and will overnight in Davenport. More information will be available on the Lions clubs of Iowa website.

President Vokes announced the 2016-17 Trustee assignments: Camp Courageous: Trustees Lee and Schriver; Education for Blind Children: Trustees Noonan and Hackett; Puppy Program Trustees Ricks and Halstead; Cochlear Implant Center Trustees Zobel and Reed; Iowa School for the Deaf Trustees Lee and Schriver; Hearing Aid Bank trustees Olson and Vandenberg; Iowa KidSight Trustees Hoefle and Hayward and Iowa Lions Eye Bank Trustees Matje and Rhinehart.

Further discussion was held on the need to revisit with the Ebersol Trust administrators in Keokuk. Trustee SW Reed moved to have the previous committee of PID Norm Dean, PID Gary Fry, PDG Rachel Nicola and Lion Phil Horn to visit and report back on attempts to get a better return on the investments. Trustee MC Halstead moved and Trustee SE Olson seconded to add SA Tim Wilson to the committee. The amendment passed and the amended motion passed. SA Wilson to set up the meeting.

Concern was expressed about decreasing the number of Leader Dog puppies at Fort Dodge. Trustee EC Matje moved to have a committee of Trustees Schriver and Halstead along with Exec. Sec Fry send a letter to Leader Dog expressing our concerns. Trustee NC Lee seconded and the motion carried.

President Vokes called for final comments. She pointed out the Camp courageous report that had been sent to everyone. Trustee Matje shared that the Eldridge newsletter alerted the club members that the Trustees would be visiting their meeting on August 1st and the bring $20 for “I Gave” pins. He urged other Trustees to encourage clubs to send out a similar letter prior to their visit. Trustee Reed want to be sure that everyone use her correct email Trustee Zobel will send the article on Puppy Liaison to all by email.

President Vokes declared the meeting adjourned at: 4:38 PM