2021 Fall Learning Conference

You will not want to miss this opportunity to grow your knowledge in Lions and your everyday life, so block off your calendar now! This conference will be held at the Downtown Cedar Rapids Public Library. The facility alone is worth checking out, but more importantly the opportunity for quality seminars like “Service in a Box,” “Navigating the Lions Member Portal,” and at a reasonable cost is even better.

Our international guest will be the dynamic Past International President Joe Preston from Arizona.

Planned seminars include:

  • Strengthening the Price with PIP Joe Preston
  • “Service in a Box” with Past Council Chair Paul Hain sharing some inexpensive and easy-to-start projects
  • “Recovering from the Derecho” with Teresa Kurtz, program director with Trees Forever
  • “The Big Ask: Rethinking How We Invite Members” with Dr. Sondra Rierson, District 9NW Global Membership Team Coordinator
  • “Navigating the Lions Member Portal” with Past Council Chair Judy Stone. This will be a hands-on seminar, so bring your devices with you. Wi-Fi will be available.