Lions Clubs of Iowa: LAWLER LIONS CLUB
Lions Clubs of Iowa: LAWLER LIONS CLUB

Lawler, IOWA

Lions Clubs of Iowa: LAWLER LIONS CLUB 12 Years of Service -- Chartered January 31, 2005
Current Club Roster
Don Blazek
Kim Blazek
Erica Bodensteiner
Gerald Busta
Kirsten Busta
Marla Busta
John R Cuvelier
Rebecca L Cuvelier
Carla M Dreckman
Roger J Dreckman
Jill M Fibikar
Mary Gruenberg
Karen A Huber
Ric K J Huber
Jeff Jirak
Dale L King
Greg Kout
Gary A Kuennen
Janel A Kuennen
Laurie M Leibold
Cathy Rosonke
Jeremy P Scheidel
Norbert Shileny
Debra S Straw
Renee Throndson
Jay Uhlenhake
Jerry Vrzak
Rebecca Vsetecka
Frank D Wilson
Donald Winter
Ryan Winter

Lions Clubs of Iowa: LAWLER LIONS CLUB
The LAWLER LIONS CLUB would like to thank you for visiting this web site. We are proud to serve as Lions in Iowa and would equally like to see you join our ranks!

If you are interested in membership, please contact any member listed on our roster to the left. They are probably people you know in your community right now! If you are relocating to our area, or would just like to get general information on membership, feel free to contact us...

Or our main office located in Ames, Iowa at ...
(515) 232-2215

If you are currently a member of this club and would like to establish a richer web site for your club than this, please also contact and they will go over options and costs with you.